Sporting Silverware

This year, due to Covid-19, we’ve seen an unprecedented level of postponements and cancellations of sporting, social events and holidays. With that in mind, one way to lift spirits and enjoy social activities is through outdoor sports and staycation adventure trips with friends and families. If embracing the great outdoors and rural adventures have never […]

Silver Jewellery

Luxury silver jewellery has long been a popular choice of accessory to enhance any outfit from relaxed casual to a more sophisticated formal look. With its winning combination of simple, wearable elegance and affordability, silver is a timeless option that continues to eschew fashion trends. At Hayward & Stott, we offer a range of classic […]

The Sporran

The Scottish sporran has been part of the male Highland dress since the 12th century. Its name derives from the Gaelic ‘sporan’ which means ‘wallet’ or ‘purse’. Nowadays, sporrans are typically made of leather or fur with the ornamentation chosen to complement the formality of dress worn with it. Scottish Tradition The creation of the […]

The Luckenbooth Brooch

The Luckenbooth Brooch is an enduring Scottish symbol of love, friendship and good luck, strongly associated with Edinburgh. Traditionally made of silver and sometimes set with a Cairngorm or gemstones, the Luckenbooth design is typically heart-shaped, or two hearts intertwined, surmounted by a crown. At Hayward and Stott, we are delighted to have created a […]

A spotlight on the Quaich

At Hayward and Stott, we pride ourselves on our premium sterling silver Quaichs, and we are delighted to share our Silver Thistle Quaich as part of our Thistle Collection, designed by Glasgow School of Art graduate Hamish Dobbie. The collection celebrates our Scottish heritage with bespoke sterling silver pieces that bring together traditional Scottish elements […]

New, Scottish hardwood Quaichs

QUALITY HOME GROWN HARDWOOD Introducing our new Scottish Wooden Quaichs made from locally sourced and crafted Beech. These Scottish wooden quaichs come in our most popular design with sterling silver lugs, rim and disc which is ideal for engraving. Scottish Hardwoods have enormous character with numerous different species of timber. All naturally durable with prominent […]