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Luxury silver jewellery has long been a popular choice of accessory to enhance any outfit from relaxed casual to a more sophisticated formal look. With its winning combination of simple, wearable elegance and affordability, silver is a timeless option that continues to eschew fashion trends.

At Hayward & Stott, we offer a range of classic and contemporary designs with a unique and modern twist. A number of our designs also come with the option to engrave for a truly personalised finish. Designed in-house by our creative team, all of our pieces take inspiration the Scottish landscape; the hills, coastlines and colours, such as our Pentland collection.


Why Silver

Though silver has always been popular, over the years the quality of the metal has vastly improved, making it an option that more people actively seek out. The silver ‘look’ itself is timeless and can be worn stylishly at any age, from early years through golden years – it’s a precious metal that always delivers.

Silver is a look that suits all seasons. Unlike gold and coppers, silver is an eye-catching metal that can absorb any style of colour palette and can be worn all year round.

In the autumn it can be enhanced with warmer, opal tones, think luxury camel combined with rich brown and taupe shades. In the wintertime, it can be worn to enhance the frosty appeal of the colder weather, elevating woolly hats and cosy scarves. In the spring season, silver can be paired with floral looks for a colourful mix. In the warmer summer months, it’s the perfect addition to any boho-chic look, offering a more gentle, relaxed vibe.


Another bonus to buying silver jewellery is its price point. With silver, including our own designer pieces, you can enjoy a super-luxe look without breaking the bank. Silver used to be seen as the ‘cheaper’ alternative to gold, however, nowadays it’s considered an equally luxurious option with an array of designs available.

Take our Silver Cairnie Cuff bangle, for example, with its featured hammered texture, which catches the light to a stunning effect. It’s a fantastic stand-alone piece or can be teamed up with the Cairnie Earrings or Cairnie Large Teardrop Necklace for an extra chic appeal.

Silver Stacked Necklace Silver and Gold

Stand-out Pieces & Silver Sets

Single, stand-out sterling silver pieces work very well when elevating a stylish outfit, such as one of our Silver Chain Bracelets. Both are part of our Essential Silver range and feature our curved toggle clasp. You also have the option to personalise the bracelet by adding one of our disc charms engraved with an initial or date of your choice.

Opting for a jewellery set is an excellent choice when it comes to gifts. Our collections create a graceful finish and work very well as stylish pieces that transition easily from day to night, such as our elegant Beauly Rings Necklace and Bracelet set.

Silver & a Touch of Gold

When combining silver and gold metals, it’s all about balance. When done well, it offers an eye-catching dynamic, contemporary look.

With a tri-coloured design, such as our Russian Wedding Ring or Isla Ring, the combination of sterling silver, gold and rose gold metals brings a joyful touch of glamour to any outfit.


The art of mixing warm and cool tones can be a fun way to enhance your personal style. We suggest creating a blank canvas with your outfit and embellish it with an eclectic choice of silver, gold and rose gold jewellery.

Remember, with jewellery, there are no rules! Use our luxury designs to bring out your creativity and curate a unique look in harmony with your personality.


Luxury Silver Jewellery Gifts

It goes without saying that silver jewellery is the perfect choice of gift. Ordering something online to surprise someone special is always a memorable gesture. It could be just the tonic to lift spirits during these socially distant times.

A variety of our designs come with the option to engrave. Choose initials or an important date to create a memorable and luxurious finish, such as our Silver Ingot Necklace and Silver Bar Necklace.


Our delicate Silver Link Bracelet might be an excellent option for a christening gift and you can never go wrong with a set of classic silver studs or pretty silver and gold drop earrings – perfect for birthdays and anniversaries. For Christmas, our silver jewellery sets make the perfect luxury gift item, such as our Silver and Gold Link Necklace and Bracelet. If you’re looking for something more traditional with a Scottish twist, then our Scottish brooches are a wonderful option. They make a unique, eye-catching addition to more formal attire, such as a wedding or black tie event.

A Small Investment

Silver jewellery allows any age of wearer to enjoy a contemporary, modern or classic look and makes for an ideal choice of accessory when transforming day wear into evening wear.

While jewellery fashions will continue to evolve, and current trends will come and go, silver, with its stylish flexibility and affordable price tag, is guaranteed to be a smart investment as a precious gift or as part of a personal collection.

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