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This year, due to Covid-19, we’ve seen an unprecedented level of postponements and cancellations of sporting, social events and holidays.

With that in mind, one way to lift spirits and enjoy social activities is through outdoor sports and staycation adventure trips with friends and families. If embracing the great outdoors and rural adventures have never been your ‘thing’, then now could be the time to give it a try.

So far, the outdoor sporting community has been able to enjoy the safe return of some of their favourite activities, such as golf, fishing and shooting, all of which are back open and available for business.

Earlier this summer, most clubs and country estates that host individual and outdoor group activities have been preparing for the new ‘normal’. They are now ready and excited to welcome back their members.

At Hayward & Stott, as part of our living collection, we are delighted to offer luxury, unique silver sporting items that will enhance the experience of any outdoor sport. Our stylish range of silver accessories offers something for everyone such as our sterling silver golf accessories, shooting pegs and beakers, hipflasks and whisky noggins – perfect for a day on one of Scotland’s most beautiful golf greens, country estates or river banks.


Sterling Silver Rocking Tumbler


It’s a known fact that Scotland lays claim to some of the finest golfing in the world. Many of its courses such as Muirfield, St Andrews, Royal Dornoch and North Berwick, grace the top of most golf trip itineraries.

Now that the courses are back open, at Hayward & Stott, we have plenty of unique options to elevate your next round. Our luxury Silver Golf Putter is a stand-out useable, light putter that comes in a presentation box, making it a unique, luxury option for a special gift. It’s also possible to create a customised engraving for an extra special touch.

Our Silver Golf Set offers a minimalist design. It is perfect for personalising with engraving making it another excellent option for a gift. Or, to add a touch of personality to your post-golf at-home drinks, choose our Silver Golf Ball Bottle Stopper which will liven up your favourite bottle of wine and make an eye-catching addition to your table and drinks displays.

Silver Golf Putter


This month, the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ marked the opening of grouse season in Scotland, bringing a much-needed boost for sporting enthusiasts as well as the rural economy.

“Getting people out on the hills for things like grouse shooting and deer stalking, you could argue, is even more important than ever this year.” (Alex Hogg, Chairman Scottish Gamekeepers Association)

If you’re looking to embrace and maximise the opportunity of the return of the shooting season this year, then our luxury silver Shooting Beakers and Shooting Pegs are an ideal way to enhance the conviviality at your next shooting party, as a guest or host.

Our luxury beakers are inspired by traditional Antique Georgian beakers. The design comes in both a high-polished or a hand-beaten treatment finish. For a deluxe option, we offer a Silver and Gold Plated version, available with an accompanying leather case.

As a set, the sporting beakers come individually engraved with the numbers 1-10 which can be used as peg/butt/place markers. They are sold in three sizes and the smallest size, known as a tot, is perfect for a dram – a terrific way to raise your cheer in the countryside. To carry and enjoy your favourite dram, our super-smart Silver Hipflask with leather case is the perfect accompaniment.

Paired with our beakers and hip flask, our range of silver shooting pegs are a wonderfully eye-catching embellishment to a day of sport. Our traditionally styled ‘pheasant’ design is a more classic option. In contrast, our unique gold-plated ‘thistle’ design offers a modern twist. The sets come with a bespoke leather wallet, and there is also a deluxe option with a gold-plated finish.

Shooting Peg Markers with thistle


Fishing in Scotland is a particular favourite when it comes to outdoor sport, and is often enjoyed by individuals, small groups and families. With an abundance of rivers and lochs, even sea-fishing, Scotland always delivers when it comes to seasonal options – even during a pandemic.

Our range of useable, accessible silver sporting accessories is a perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your next trip. Enjoy the slow pace and peace from the river sipping a dram from one of our Silver Rocking Rocking Tumblers.

The design is based on traditional Georgian rocking tumblers. It is the perfect size to use as a water or whisky glass. Rocking tumblers were originally used for passengers on carriages and ships obviating spills from oscillation, making them an ideal choice when it comes to outdoor activities.

Our Silver Sporting Beakers are also the perfect addition to a friendly or family fishing outing. Enjoy them by the river, or later in the evening at your campsite or lodge with a delicious BBQ. Sold as a set or individually, the beakers are made to order to suit the needs of your group or party.

Silver for Scottish Beaches and Rural Adventures

Perhaps the real silver lining this year, is that we are fortunate to be able to enjoy our staycations at home in Scotland. There has never been a better time to pack your bags, tent and walking boots and head out into the great outdoors to enjoy the Scottish countryside.

Whether you’re camping by a loch or one of Scotland’s incredible beaches, or if you’ve decided to brave the wilds of the highlands, there is no reason you can’t pepper your experience with a touch of silver luxury.

Our sterling silver items are made to be enjoyed and shared. From silver beakers, tumblers and serving boards, to tankards and cocktail stirrers, our unique range of items offers packable additions that you can enjoy on your next trip.

We believe our luxury sporting accessories will add a touch of home-from-home elegance while staying safe and healthy in the great outdoors.

Our site offers a full range of sporting accessories as well as extensive eating and drinking collections.

Silver Sporting Beakers
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